Before you have kids

I read an article once that made me crack up. I just tried to find it but to no avail, so if anyone knows knows of it or the author – let me know! It was hysterical. The premise was this: before you have kids, relish in the simplicity of the pre-kid life. The example they used was leaving the house. Step outside, they said. Just step outside your door. It’s that easy – you’re out! Once you have kids, this will become a daily obstacle.

Truer words have never been spoken. It takes forever to leave the house. I actually don’t think that it takes all the much longer with two kids as compared to one, but the jump from zero kids to one was massive. Now before leaving the house I have to change diapers, juggle nap schedules, pack the diaper bag (which inevitably takes forever), convince my 2 y/o that leaving the house is a good idea, fit the stroller into the car, find everything to put in the diaper bag (takes longer than expected since the house is almost always a disaster because who has time to clean!?), and usually come back into the house once or twice because something was inevitably forgotten.

The thought of this exhausts me!

So parents-to-be, do yourselves a favor: if you want to do something, relish in the ability to just do it. You won’t have this opportunity again for many, many years.

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