12 or 13 weeks

So I just wrapped up the first trimester. I can’t believe it’s already almost March! I went in for my nuchal translucency ultrasound (part of the first-trimester screen) last week and it is always so amazing to me how much babies change between the 7 week scan and the 12/13 week scan. At 7 weeks, you see a small fluttering heart, but otherwise nothing that looks like a baby. By 12-13 weeks, the baby is skeletal but all there – head, arms, fingers, legs, toes, etc. It’s amazing! I always feel a bit out of the woods once baby is still there at 12-13 weeks, but there is still a long way to go.

Another thing that happened during the scan: they’re pretty sure it’s a boy (for reference: I have 2 boys)! It is still so early in the game, but I know that if all goes well with this pregnancy, the 3 boys will have a blast. It will be chaotic, messy, and definitely a strain on our grocery budget – but they will have a great time together. Since I will be 35 when this baby is born, I also opted for noninvasive prenatal testing, so the boy/girl question should be confirmed later this week.

Since finding out the gender, I have had a few friends ask me if I’m disappointed I’m not having a girl. I honestly have to say that I am not. My main wish for this baby is that it be healthy. And after that, a very selfish wish (two actually) is that it be easy-going and a great sleeper. As a mom of two boys, I know boy. I have everything ready to do the boy thing over again. They can room together for longer than I imagine siblings of mixed gender would be able to, and my job will be much easier when they’re older and can do activities with their dad. Also, I was really nasty to my mom (who is a saint and whom I love dearly) when I was an adolescent, so I am not excited about the possibility of being on the receiving end of that treatment (as much as I do deserve it). I imagine teenage boys are not a walk in the park, but they must be easier than teenage girls! So my greatest concern in this department is: what are we going to name him!? So tough to think of a third boy name.

As for me, I’m feeling a bit better. I’m still pretty tired, and sometimes still feel nauseous. My belly definitely popped this weekend so I look more pregnant and I officially pulled out some of my maternity gear. Now comes the awkward (for me) process of letting people know about my pregnancy. I actually told a few people at work very early on (7 weeks!) because of some changes to the maternity leave policy and updated schedule requests for fall of 2018. This is very unlike what I have done in the past – previously waiting until 14 and 20 weeks respectively. I told a few close girlfriends from high school/college very early on and just this weekend told a few close local girlfriends. And slowly other people will learn about it and then my patients will start asking me about it (some have stuck it out with me through 2 pregnancies already!) and all of the necessary planning will unfold.

I have to be honest with you, after going through infertility with my first, every moment of every pregnancy feels like a dream and a great blessing. Sometimes I feel like pinching myself. There was a time when I seriously doubted that we would ever have one child, and here we are, parents to two healthy children with a third on the way.

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