Supermarket Sweep

When the kids fall asleep, I suddenly feel like I’m in an episode of Supermarket Sweep. Does anyone remember that show? Contestants had to run through the aisles of a grocery store, packing it with as many groceries as possible, in the hopes of collecting the most expensive goods.

When the kids fall asleep I am like one of those contestants – frantically racking my brain for what needs to get done before the little ones awake. I completely forget my To Do list as the most salient tasks in front of me pop up – folding that pile of laundry, washing all of the water bottles and snack containers from the morning outing, putting away the produce we’ve collected from the farmer’s market. So, yes, often there is a lot of cleaning and organizing. Sometimes there will be a work task – following up with a patient by phone, responding to a time-sensitive e-mail, editing a paper or making headway on a deadline. Sometimes (less often than I’d like), I opt to do something creative – reading (New York Times, New Yorker, the current book club pick, another book of interest) or writing (here or in my journal). I respond to messages I haven’t responded to in days. And sometimes I decide to take a nap, because as soon as the kids wake up (more energized than ever), round 2 begins!

So here I am, typing up a few words before the littles wake up. I’m feeling sleepier than usual today so I may opt to take a nap afterwards. Just another day in my glamorous life!

Easy like Monday morning

This weekend, I left both kiddos at home with their father and spent a weekend in Napa with other moms. It was glorious. Of course, I missed my family (in fact, come Saturday night I was quite lonely!), but I hadn’t realized how far removed I was from the days of leisurely lounging.

A recap of our weekend: wine, uninterrupted sleep (8 hours both nights!), massage, sitting by the pool (in the shade of course), leisurely lunches, appetizer platters for dinner, and lots of girl talk. It was as amazing as it sounds.

Now obviously it isn’t feasible to take regular weekend get-aways, but I’ll be thinking of some ways to incorporate leisure time into my daily/weekly/hopefully at least monthly life! Writing this quick blog post is one way of attempting this before the crazy day gets in the way.

Happy Monday!